A sedan is a three-box configured vehicle having separate areas for passenger, engine, and cargo. In British English, it is known as a Saloon.


A sedan is a closed body vehicle with an immovable metallic roof and has three separate compartments. This statement does not differentiate it from other body styles of car, but practically a sedan has the following characteristics:

  • A B-pillar supporting the roof and separating rear and front windows.
  • Seating in two rows
  • Three-box configuration having front engine area that is followed by the rear cargo area
  • In comparison to coupé, the roofline is less steep in a sedan. This gives it a less sporty look and spacious headroom at the rear.
  • The interior volume at the rear is 33 cu ft.

International terminology

The term sedan is used in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and American English. In British English, it is known as a Saloon. In the United Kingdom, the alternate term for sport sedan is “super saloon”. In New Zealand and Australia, vehicles of such configurations were simply called cars. But now the term sedan is predominantly used. German people call it a Limousine.

Standard styles

  • Notchback sedan: this term distinguishes the fastback and notchback (two sedans of the same models). An example includes Chrysler 300C.
  • Liftback/hatchback sedan

This style resembles a fastback but its entire back is lifted. An example includes Audi A5 Sportback.

  • Fastback sedan

In this style, only the trunk lid of the car lifts. The example includes Mercedes Benz CLS

  • Hardtop sedan

This style is without B-pillar and thus has an undistinguished open interior. The example includes Sunbeam Two-door hardtop.

Variations in 20th century

  • Closed-couple sedan

This is a two-box configured sedan and resembles a crossover sedan more than the traditional 3-box sedan. In comparison to a traditional sedan, rear seats in the closed-couple sedan are located a little forward, which has reduced the body length. The example includes Packard closed-couple sedan

  • Coach sedan

It is a two-door sedan allowing 4 to 5 passengers to ride. But it gives less passenger space than a traditional sedan. It does not come with an external trunk for cargo purposes. Examples include Chevrolet Coach and Bugatti Coach.

  • Club Sedan

Some people state it as a two-door sedan having body style the same as other models of the related range. Others describe it as a two or four-door sedan having a shorter roof than other sedans. Examples include the Buick series 90 club sedan and Kaiser Manhattan club sedan.

  • Sedanet

Manufacturers of the United States used this term for the smaller model of the sedan. However, this term has also been used for fastback coupés convertibles. Examples include Buick Super Sedanet and Cadillac Fleetwood Sedanet.

Benefits of a Sedan


There are many SUV’s safety features that were absent in sedans but new models of the sedan are no lesser than SUVs. In sedans, the storage area is less visible and that makes it a safer storage vehicle.

Fuel economy

Although SUVs have low gas costs, the fuel economy of sedans has put them into the spotlight. SUV is found with a V-8 or V-6 engine and a sedan has a more efficient four-cylinder engine. Even thosesedans featuring a V-6 engine have more average fuel efficiency due to their small size.


The New YorkTimes states that a sedan is more convenient to drive than a heavy SUV. Their parking even in less space is easy. One can easilymaneuver a sedan through the sharp turn with fewer chances of a rollover.


According to Valley Honda, a sedan is more affordable than an SUV. Fuel economy is one of the ways to save money by purchasing a sedan.

Top luxurious sedans

  1. Toyota Yaris

In Toyota’s line-up, it is the least expensive and smallest type of sedan but is no way lesser than large sedans.


  • MPG & fuel consumption in the city is 32 and 40 on the highway.
  • 6 gal fuel tank capacity
  • Horsepower is 106hp at 600rpm
  • Inline 4 cylinders
  • Front-wheel drive


  • Multiple standard features are available at an affordable price
  • Appealing interior
  • Remarkable fuel economy
  • Nimble handling


  • Slow acceleration
  • Less spacious headroom is troublesome for tall drivers
  • Sporty suspension depends upon the road smoothness
  • Limited interior and cargo space

Price:$15650-$18750 MSRP

  1. Honda Civic

The reputation of the Honda Civic in the market has been built on its durability, efficiency, and affordability. Its turbocharged or four-cylinder engine gives quick acceleration. However, it is slower in adding more exotic features at an affordable price.


  • MPG & Fuel consumption in the city is 31 and 40 on the highway.
  • 4 gal fuel tank capacity
  • Produces 158 hp at 6500 rpm
  • Inline 4 cylinder
  • Front-wheel drive


  • Overall performance is strong
  • Better cargo space
  • Appealing body design


  • Noisy on road
  • Frequent safety-related false alarms

Price: $21700-$28300 MSRP

  1. Kia Forte

Kia Forte is giving a tough time to its rivals. It is liked for its tremendous fuel economy, convenient tech, and handsome styling. Kia’s lineup comes with a great warranty period.


  • MPG &fuel is 31 in city and 41 on highway
  • 14 gal fuel tank capacity
  • Produces 147 hp at 6200 rpm
  • Inline 4 cylinder
  • Front-wheel drive


  • Multiple features
  • Good fuel economy
  • Generous warranty


  • Very steep roofline
  • Additional features increase the price

Price: $17890-$23390 MSRP

  1. Toyota Avalon

Toyota is manufacturing multiple versions of Avalon. Toyota Avalon is an all-wheel-drive sedan. In-car technologies include USB-S ports for connectivity and charging. Android Auto is a new addition to in-car techs.


  • MPG &fuel is 22 in city and 32 on highway
  • 5 gal fuel tank capacity
  • Produces 301 hp at 6600 rpm
  • V-6 cylinder
  • All-wheel drive


  • Various safety features
  • Ride quality is comfortable
  • Roomy and quiet cabin


  • Headroom is not spacious

Price: $36125-$43125 MSRP


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