Cell phone providers offer cell phone plans specifically for seniors according to the features they need the most. This is offered to seniors so they can stay connected to their family members and friends

Types of senior cell phone plans for seniors (1)

When seniors are deciding on the right choice they must know about the types of cell phone plans. Few types of senior cell phone plans are discussed below:

Talk and text phone plans:

Seniors who love texting and talking to their friends and family members should choose this type of cell phone plan. This is the most suitable plan for seniors not having smartphones and they are unable to download any app on there that requires an internet connection. Seniors, who are not interested in watching videos and browsing, love such type of cell phone plans. Cell phone plan providers offer unlimited time for calling and texting in customized form. These cell phone plans are cheaper as compared to other plans that include data for watching videos and movies.

Unlimited phone plans:

Seniors should select an unlimited phone plan if they love watching videos, making calls to their loved ones, and download different apps to use. You don’t have to worry about the data for entertainment purposes and no worries about extra bill payments for so many calls. It is the best senior cell phone plan in this modern age.

Prepaid cell phone plans

This plan is offered to seniors that allow them to pay at the start of the month according to their needs at a very reasonable price. This plan will work best for you if you don’t want to compromise on the quality and performance of coverage. It also saves you from any extra surprise bill at the last of the month. Prepaid plans are available in multiple forms. You may select the basic call and text option or you may go for unlimited internet access.

No contract phone plans:

Some years before, you have to check credit to allow automatic billing and sign an agreement with the cell phone provider so you can use their services. Now this option has been limited by most of the providers by allowing you to select the most reasonable and flexible phone plan. No need to worry about the long-term commitment. Whenever you have to change your plan you can easily change as you are not bound to the previous provider. Moreover, there is no fear of paying the fee for termination if you want to change the provider or plan.

Cell phone features for seniors:

Larger buttons and screen

Larger buttons and easy features are usually found in flip and block phones. Smartphones have bigger screens that are helpful for seniors and the font can be adjusted from the settings.

Internet access:

It is easy to check the weather updates, emails, news, sports, and calendar notifications with access to the internet. Having the facility of internet connection via mobile data makes it easier for adults to connect with their friends and family members.

Simple menus:

Seniors usually prefer a phone that has a simple menu to perform the task. They don’t like multiple apps on their screen; some may delete or hide extra applications from their smartphones.

Higher volume options:

Elders usually have problems in hearing so they like phones with loudspeakers. Some may wish to connect the blue tooth with the hearing aids.

Voice typing and voice over features:

With voiceover, you can hear the message that is received on the phone. Applications are available that will help you to listen to the email and text you have received. You just have to speak the message you want to deliver and voice assistance will type it for you as you speak. Elders can send messages without interacting with the keyboard.

Magnifying cameras:

Smartphones have cameras that can be zoomed in and zoomed out. Elders can use it for making closer pictures and they can point out any menu or newspaper for reading.

Closed captioning:

This feature is often available on smartphones and adults having hearing impairment can read the captions on video streaming such as on YouTube or Netflix.

Top cell phone plan for seniors 2021 (2)

Here are some top cell phone plans for seniors:


  • name for the plan is T-mobile payGo through ultra-mobile
  • MonThe monthly fee for this plan is low as $3 only
  • This plan includes 100 minutes, 100 MB, 100 text messages
  • When you exceed the limit you are charged three-cent for one minute and
  • One cent for one text message.
  • The best thing about this plan is that it is a very basic plan and as cheap as it gets.
  • This plan is only available in T-mobile
  • Top-up is required for at least ninety days to keep your plan active.

AT & T

  • The name for this plan is AT & T DAILY.
  • The cost for this plan is $2 per day
  • It includes unlimited talking minutes and texting.
  • You only have to pay for the plan when you want to use it. Otherwise, it is not mandatory to pay for the plan monthly.
  • Balance in your phone will expire if you are not adding money regularly.
  • The date of expiry ranges from one month to one year as it depends on the amount that needs to be added to the account.


  • The name of the plan is Ting single line
  • The basic cost for the plan is $6 while data is charged separately.
  • Use for the plan is divided into different levels and you have to pay for the level you reached.
  • You only have to pay for your usage and usage varies every month.
  • $3 for 100 minutes
  • $3 for texts
  • $3 for 100 MB of data.

US Mobile:

  • The name of this plan is US mobile custom plan.
  • Basic price is $2 per month
  • Usage is divided into levels
  • You customize the number of minutes, messages, and data as per need
  • You can change your plan anytime you wish.



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