SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. It is a broad term that encompasses a variety of four-wheel cars with the off-road driving feature.

Facts about SUVs (1)

No exact statement can define an SUV. In every country, the definition of SUV is different. Some definitions demonstrate it as a light-truck chassis and some claim it is any car with off-road manufacturing features. There is no universal statement accepted as a definition of SUV. Journalists, automotive experts and dictionaries describe SUVs by using different words and observing the regional use of SUVs. In the early 1980s, SUVs were termed station wagons, jeeps, four-wheel drive, or different monikers.

Body style

An SUV resembles a station wagon having a two-box body design. The front area contains the engine and the rear area has passenger seats and a cargo area. Before 2010, SUVs had two-doors manufacturing but later on automobile makers designed a four-doors body style of SUV and this style became more popular than the previous one. Few SUVs with 2-door manufacturing are still available in the market such as Jimny, Suzuki, Jeep Wrangler, Ford Bronco, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Range Rover Evoque.

Types of SUVs

Crossover SUV

The difference between SUVs and Crossovers is that SUVs have a Body-on-frame platform and crossovers have a unibody platform. This means SUVs have greater off-road capability than crossovers. However, this difference is blurred in reality, since several unibody cars are also termed SUVs. Moreover, “crossover” is a term that is not very well-known. Due to these reasons, the term SUV is used for both SUVs and crossovers.

Mini SUV

It is the smallest-sized SUV.In Japan, all SUVs that are lower than 34000 mm, come under the category of Kie Car and it attracts fewer taxes. Many vehicles, which have a platform of supermini passenger cars, are also referred to as Mini SUVs. Examples of Mini SUVs are Daihatsu Terios and Suzuki Jimny.

Compact SUV

According to size, compact SUVs come next to Mini SUVs. Vehicles that have the platform of C-segment or compact passenger cars are referred to as Compact SUVs. These are compact crossovers. Examples of compact SUVs are Nissan Xterra, and Land Rover Defender 90.

Mid-size SUV

The size of a Mid-size SUV comes next to a compact SUV. It is a crossover-based SUV that also having a passenger car’s configuration. Some Mid-size SUVs have the configuration of a mid-size and compact pickup. Examples of Mid-size SUVs include Toyota Fortuner and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

Full-size SUVs

These SUVs has vehicles of maximum sizes. Some SUVs are famous in the market due to their off-road efficiencies such as Ford Expedition, Toyota Sequoia, and Chevrolet Tahoe. Many full-size SUVs are popular for their luxurious ride and interior such as Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

Extended length SUVs

Lengths of some full-size SUVs are extended in North America and are labeled as Extended length SUVs. The additional space is occupied by either cargo or passengers. Such SUVs have configurations of heavy-duty pickups or full-sized pickups. The heavy sale of such SUVs is in North America but a small number may be exported to other countries as well. Examples include Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Excursion, Ford Expedition EL and Range Rover L.

Benefits of SUVs (2)

  1. Practicality

The roomy interior and expansive boot make SUVs the best fit for families. SUV models provide a spacious cargo area as well as enough leg space for at least five members. An SUV can carry more load than an estate or hatchback. This makes it ideal for adventurous people.

  1. Safety

Sturdy frames of SUVs make them safe for a rider. Its truck chassis platform will provide more protection to passengers in case of a car accident.

  1. Towing capabilities

SUVs are preferred over cars or trucks due to their more towing capacity. Powerful and larger engines make SUVs tow heavy assets.

Top-rated SUVs (3)

  1. Hyundai Tucson

It comes at the top of the SUV class. It provides composed handling and ride, upscale and spacious interior, convenient infotainment system, and an array of driver-assist features.

Specs & features

  • Five passenger seating
  • Front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive powertrain
  • 187 horsepower
  • Price: $24960
  1. Honda CR-V

It holds the second rank due to its cargo space, impressive passenger space, turbocharged engine, refined cabin, quick acceleration, and impressive fuel economy.

Specs and features

  • Five passenger seating
  • Front-wheel drive and All-wheel drive powertrain
  • 190 horsepower
  • Price: $33650


  1. Mazda CX-5

It challenges its competitors for refined interior and engaging handling. It comes with an option of a turbocharged engine, a terrific safety score, and an array of standard features. In 2021, it has launched a 10.25-inch touchscreen, CarPlay, Apple, and Android auto integrations. New options also include monitoring features of driver attention automatic braking in emergencies.

Specs & features

  • Five passengers seating
  • Front-wheel and All-wheel-drive powertrain
  • 187-227 powertrain.
  • Price: $37505


  1. Kia Sportage

It comes in the top third rankings of compact SUVs. It provides a roomy interior for passengers, an upscale cabin, a convenient infotainment system, and a balanced ride.New features for 2021 include S Nightfall Edition packages.

Specs & features

  • Five passengers seating
  • Front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrain
  • 181-240 horsepower
  • Price: $33750


  1. BMW X3

It holds the top position in the luxury SUVs class. It is marketed for its poised handling, powerful engine performance, easy-to-use features, and spacious interior. The initial cost of this vehicle is more than its rivals. 2021 features include android auto integrations, lane-keeping assistant, and blind-spot monitoring.

Specs & features

  • Five passengers seating
  • All-wheel drive and Rear-wheel drive powertrain
  • 180-473 powertrain
  • Price: $43000


  1. Acura RDX

It offers athletic and lively handling, an array of standard features, a stylish high-quality cabin, and a balanced ride. But it does not provide engine upgrades and a convenient infotainment system.

Specs & features

  • Five passengers seating
  • All-wheel drive and Front-wheel drive powertrain
  • 272 horsepower
  • Price: $48000